Let’s go outside


So here is my first post more conetcted whit photography. The idea was to take some portrait under the stars. This is off course not my idea, I had watch Ilko Aleksandroff work, http://www.ilkoallexandroff.com/https://www.youtube.com/user/ilkophoto. But I have some more questions about technical part of this kind of portratis. So before photo-setions I spend some time to clear how and why. My main questions is how to control the main light and how to not scatter the light over ground. I use speedlight to triger the main light witch is Godox Ad 180. My speedlight is fires on 2-nd curtain and I used a spot to prevent light from spreding alway. The power of speedlight is about 1/64th. I used Godox AD 180 as main light whit 40×40 softbox whit grid, the power is between 1/8th to 1/64th. Setting was quiet diferent becouse of diferent ambient light on loctaions. Mainly I shoot F:5,6, ISO-1600; 1/250 sec exposoure; Color temperature was set to 2700K; I use orange filter inside the softbox. I use my Canon 1D MkIV camera whit Tokina 11-16/2,8. The most usefull focal distance is 16mm for me. Importent noes, the speedlight must be in direction to main light, main light sensor should be in direction of speedlight. Softbox must be in froont of subject, otherwise the ligh will make the object very difuse. Unfortunatly the dynamic wheater in May didn’t cooperate, and we have to plan new set in few weeks. The theme is very inetersting to me and I will keep working on it in near future.




Is important to fibnd location and made shoot’s whit condition you needed.


Here is some results, no so bad, but still we need stars.