Let's get wet

Well I would like to speak abou my last photo-session, portrait of ballerina under the rain, part of "Dancing in the dark"project. I work with Kosara Angelova again, she was brave enoght to get under the rain, she is great model I love to work whit her. The original idea about shooting under the rain is again by Ilko Aleksandroff.  Main problem for me  was very dinamic wheater even in June, we need to go outide under the rain whit a lot of electricly charged  equipment. Other problem was to get clean focus, we shoot after 20:30PM, so was quite dark. Please keep in mind that day light will not allow you to visualize the rain using flash. I use my Samyang 85/1.2 lens wich is great, but still it use manual focus. No matter we manage take some good results. The technical point of view, my camera Canon 1D MkIV, Samyang XP 85/1.2. I use Godox Witstro AD 180 at 1/8 to 1/32 power for backlit flash, 2-3 meters from model. Shouter speed 1/250, my camera allow 1/350, but this will requires more power from flash. I shoot at F-2,8 don't want to risk whit more open apertures becouse of short depth of field. ISO is 800. Unfortunatly the rian was short and not really intesive, but maybe for better reason. I was packed the flashes and camera prior shooting. My main mistake, I use orange filter on backlite flash, in clean weather this will give some nice blue sky, but in overcast the result was greenish tint, witch I don't like. Big red point for next time.


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